MuseumNext 2012

Last week we went to the MuseumNext conference in Barcelona. It was a very interesting conference and we met quite some nice people. The audience (and the speakers) were quite young compared to other museum conferences we’ve visited in the past. That might tie in with something else we noticed: Wikipedia, free and open is not…… Continue reading MuseumNext 2012

Communicating the Museum: you are what you share

It seems that the little romance between Wikipedia and the museums in recent months is now official. So much so that a Wikipedia Lounge was set up at Communicating the Museum, one of the most important conferences dealing with communication in the sector, held a few days in Düsseldorf, to which I had the good…… Continue reading Communicating the Museum: you are what you share

Wikipedian in Residence at Museu Picasso

Author: Conxa Rodà From moving forward in parallel without ever meeting to working together: this is constructive change of attitude on the part of two worlds, that of Wikipedia and that of museums, that for some time now have been exploring very fruitful lines of cooperation. Since mid-May we have Àlex Hinojo as Wikipedian-in-residence at…… Continue reading Wikipedian in Residence at Museu Picasso



El projecte @CatalanMuseums va estar actiu entre 2010 i 2015. Aquí teniu una entrevista que em van fer el 2014 i on s’explica el projecte (en anglès) Over the past few months we had the chance to meet many extremely interesting people, not all of them Italian, who enthusiastically joined in our project – it…… Continue reading @CatalanMuseums