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Europeana 1989 Online Challenge

Europeana has been collaborating with Wikimedia projects for a while. Europeana is a non profit foundation that enables everyone to explore the digital resources of Europe’s museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections. It promotes discovery in a multilingual space where users can engage, share in and be inspired by the rich diversity of Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage.

Europeana has now started a project page on meta, to foster collaboration between Wikimedia projects and Europeana, in order to make european cultural works more discoverable to the public.

Europeana 1989 Online Challenge
As one of Europeana’s proposals, we would like to welcome you all to the Europeana 1989 Challenge that will take place during October-December 2013.
In this challenge all of the participants are invited to improve Wikipedia articles related to the European Revolutions of 1989 in your own language. There is a short list of topics that may be improved or translated.
While improving, you can also use the many fantastic pictures from 1989 that have been uploaded from Europeana’s 1989 portal to our Wikimedia Commons category. These images are memorabilia from European citizens and have been compiled online and during some roadshows. These images can be used in as many articles as in many language versions as possible in order to share our common history in a neutral way (i.e. you can participate on any language version of Wikipedia that you prefer). For that we require your help!

As we strive for the images to illustrate well written and comprehensive articles
Points will be given for the expansion, translation or creation of one of the articles in the topics list, also for the addition of images to the articles. The points will be summarized and the international winner will receive some special related price. Please add yourself to the participants list if you want to join the challenge, so it’s easy for everybody to see who is participating.

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